Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gonna throw a Blackberry...

I'm going to throw a Blackberry against the wall. The stupid thing generates interference, so when I started a coding session I turned off my speakers. I then put it on my desk in silent mode. It was supposed to be a good programming session. You know, silence, a few drinks, everyone else asleep.

It didn't turn out so well. I was getting random system lockups at random points. At first I thought my code was at fault, so I started working on writing documentation. Hey, if I'm on a roll and the code is breaking, I might as well do SOMETHING. Anyway Word started dieing at random points. After about an hour of that I figured I'd hit the sack.

I spent the entire next day trying to figure out what was wrong with my system. My code may be buggy, but Word (2003)? Something else had to be wrong!

I ran full diagnostics, defragmented the drive etc. Then I started going through e-mails I'd been ignoring the night before. One had a Youtube link that looked good. Half way through it, I got the familiar bzzz bzzz bzzz of interference from my Blackberry then my system hung. I reached down and grabbed the offending piece of electronic !@##$! and noticed that I'd placed it on top of the mouse cord Friday night.

Since moving the offender to the other side of my desk, I have had No, Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada problems. After writing this, I'm a little calmer and it won't be hitting the wall. It won't be going in my pocket either

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