Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oracle documentation

Found out why one of my other weekend projects failed. Oracle Lite doesn't like having the mobile server and the database workbench on the same machine. Something gets twisted around and prevents clean publishing.

I'm sure I'll find this somewhere in the documentation, but there's just so much of it.

It's sort of like when we looked into R.U.P. at work. So many choices and not enough guidance. Here's some rope. You could catch a cow or hang yourself. Instructions for both are included, but very little information about which one would be better.

Gonna throw a Blackberry...

I'm going to throw a Blackberry against the wall. The stupid thing generates interference, so when I started a coding session I turned off my speakers. I then put it on my desk in silent mode. It was supposed to be a good programming session. You know, silence, a few drinks, everyone else asleep.

It didn't turn out so well. I was getting random system lockups at random points. At first I thought my code was at fault, so I started working on writing documentation. Hey, if I'm on a roll and the code is breaking, I might as well do SOMETHING. Anyway Word started dieing at random points. After about an hour of that I figured I'd hit the sack.

I spent the entire next day trying to figure out what was wrong with my system. My code may be buggy, but Word (2003)? Something else had to be wrong!

I ran full diagnostics, defragmented the drive etc. Then I started going through e-mails I'd been ignoring the night before. One had a Youtube link that looked good. Half way through it, I got the familiar bzzz bzzz bzzz of interference from my Blackberry then my system hung. I reached down and grabbed the offending piece of electronic !@##$! and noticed that I'd placed it on top of the mouse cord Friday night.

Since moving the offender to the other side of my desk, I have had No, Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada problems. After writing this, I'm a little calmer and it won't be hitting the wall. It won't be going in my pocket either